Bailey Jay Plays Around in the Restroom

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Finally, one of my wishes came true! I’ve always wanted to spy Bailey J in the restroom and here she is now, making my dreams pale in comparison to the real thing. It’s probably the closest I could get to seeing what she does when she’s alone in the loo but this is more than enough. I wish I could get to see her touch her body and just jerk off until she’s cum. Until then, I would just have to satisfy with these teasing photos of my favorite hot tranny. Check out more photos of that beauty over at her official site now!

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Shemale Slut Bailey Jay Sexy Bath Photos

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I’m here with new updates of my favorite shemale Bailey! I just love these photos of her in the bath, when she’s just about to strip and enjoy a long soak. I would have wanted to catch her while she’s already in the bath and covered in nothing but soap bubbles but I bet one of her doing just that is next on the list. Meantime, I’m going to really enjoy these photos of Bailey and just watch her slowly striptease and strike a pose in the bath. Her new red hair threw me off a bit but I guess this tranny babe just loves to surprise her fans and I could say everything suits her. Check out more of her sexy photos over at her official site now!


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Sweet Shemale Bailey Jay In Sexy Lingerie Striptease

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Sweet, sweet Bailey J! She looks real young and innocent in pigtails but look beyond her face and you are going to be surprised with her voluptuous body and that smoldering sexuality. Photos from this shoot of Bailey are definitely my favorite. The contrast of her sweet face and the sexy lingerie just makes me want to muss her up real good – tear that lacy, see-through nightie off, fuck her good and maybe cum on her face. I bet a lot of her fans would too! Head over to her official site now for more videos and photos featuring this sexy tranny!


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Fireplace Pretty Tranny Striptease Photo Gallery

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If Santa knew what was waiting for her over at the place of shemale Bailey, I bet he’d be coming in more often. My favorite tranny here seems to think that it’s not good enough to leave milk and cookies for Santa over at the fireplace. She has decided that the best way to help Santa out is to wait for him in her sexy white shirt and red thong, with a red bow in her black hair making her look like the best Christmas present. This hot tranny however is easily bored and before the clock even struck twelve, she was already taking off her red thong and spreading her ass cheeks wide. If you want more of this sexy transsexual, check out her official website now!


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Hot Shemale Bailey Jay Plays Softball Cunt

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Here’s another great reason to tune in to sports – hot shemale Bailey! Judging from her hot body alone, I could tell that this tranny really knows how to play and I bet, she’s just the best in the sports of sex. With that creamy skin and that pink hair, she just looks at the top of the game and when she finally lifts that softball uniform to show off her big tits, I could tell that this hottie is really in tip top shape. I wish I could feel those babies myself but I guess I would just have to settle for photos and video of her big dick! Check out more of her sexy videos here!

Sexy Photos of Pin Up Shemale Hottie

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I have always thought that there’s something real sexy about pin up girls. It probably has something to do with how playful they are and with the fact that they got some perfect curves. It’s like they are the best girls to have fun with and Bailey Jay here seems to be just that girl. She definitely looks great in her sexy green corset and that red ribbon in her hair is just the perfect blend of innocence and sexy. Of course, the moment this shemale Bailey pulls down her corset to reveal her huge rack, all innocence disappears. Get instant access to her steamy photos and high quality videos here!


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Bookworm Pigtail Shows Striptease

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Bailey Jay has her serious side to her and I really appreciate those moments when she lets that side of her out. Wearing her big glasses and her hair in pigtails, I can’t help but take this tranny seriously as well. TS Bailey really knows how to work it – jutting out her big chest and letting those big breast out or bending over to show off her big round ass. The moment she pulls her panties over her big dick, I knew that things are about to get more serious. Enjoy the rest of her hot photos over at her official site now!


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Hot Tranny Bares All in Sexy Log Cabin Photo Gallery

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When my favourite here said that she wants to go away on a vacation, I had no idea that she wanted to go somewhere and just enjoy being alone in a log cabin. Of course, if I knew myself, I would have been packed and ready to go in an instant – along with the rest of her fans, I bet. Well, she is good enough to bring her fans something back – sexy photos of her in the cabin. I will definitely treasure these photos and those bunny ears will remind me why I just love this sweet tranny. Isn’t she just adorable? Don’t miss the rest of her sexy photos and videos here!

Winter Striptease Tranny Sexy Photo Gallery

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Winter is definitely going to be my favorite season if I get to stay with my ideal TS here indoors. Of course, it would be better if she just came inside, looking all pale and pink from the cold. Being the good little girl that she is, Harley takes off her coat and everything else except for her boots and muffler. I wish I could just go over that couch and warm her up myself but in the meantime, just the sight of this hot shemale naked is more than enough to warm my winter nights. If you want to see more of her sexy striptease photos and videos, click here!


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Pink Haired Bailey Jay Sexy Bunny Costume

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TS Bailey is fast becoming my favorite shemale hottie. How can I ever refuse those sweet eyes, pink pouty lips and of course, that gorgeous body? I would really love to see this tranny banging a hot girl but in the meantime, watching her play around in her cute bunny ears and pink costume is more than enough. When she finally strips off everything except for her tiny pink shorts and lets her big dick dangle out, she looked like sex on a stick and I would love nothing more than to stick my cock into her ass while she plays with her cock. I guess I’d have to dream on but if you want more of this hot shemale, better head over to her official site now!

Sweet Day Dress Tranny Surprise Striptease

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Bailey Jay

Looking like the good little girl that she is, I find TS Bailey waiting for me in bed in her sweet, little blue dress. Oh well, who am I kidding, right? Still, a little wishing wouldn’t hurt and if seeing how good this hot shemale looked in bed, I couldn’t help but dream of wishing it was my bed and she was my girl. Just look at her – she’s perfect! Long blonde hair, big beautiful tits and a smile that could really brighten up any room. Of course, her big dick is an added bonus. Find more hot pictures of Bailey Jay in her official site now!

Shemale Hottie Harley Quinn Trench Coat Striptease

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Every man’s fantasy involve one hot babe wearing nothing underneath a trench coat and my favorite shemale Bailey is making it happen. She definitely looks like one powerful babe who just came back from work and I wish I was the guy this hot tranny’s coming home to. Well, I guess I’d just have to be content watching her slowly open that coat to reveal a sexy black thong that barely covered her big ass and a matching black bra. The view of Brooklyn bridge is really great but watching Bailey in nothing but a sexy thong is so much better.

Check out the rest of these sexy photos over at her official site!

Big Tit Tranny Sexy Blowjob Photos

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Big Tit Tranny

Harley Quinn is definitely a princess and the little tiara on her head is proof enough of that. With nothing but her little tiara and a playful pair of sunglasses, my favorite shemale Harley is about to show just how good she is when it comes to sucking dick. I wish I were the lucky guy in there but it’s more than enough to watch her really suck a cock and gobble it up like a pro. With her squatting down on the floor and looking up at the camera, I could really dream that it was me getting a blowjob from this blowjob princess. Check out more hot photos of this sexy tranny here doing all kinds of naughty and nasty stuff!

Little Vest Naked Tranny Lavatory Photos

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If I could, I would spend every minute with Linetrap here. She is just the perfect companion and the way she turns from naughty and playful to hot and aroused the next is just every guy’s dream. Here, I thought she was just about to dress up for a day out but the moment she wore that little vest and started posing for the camera, all thoughts of going out flew. I guess she really loves showing off that hot body and when she bent over to spread her ass cheeks and let us see her pink star, I knew that I was in for some more nasty fun.

See more naughty photos of “Linetrap” here!

Hot Shemale Pornastar Bath Crash Pics

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It looks like Harley is liking the tub and is getting real comfortable in it. She even manages to bring a pillow and a couple of sheets inside. I for one won’t be complaining – as long as she takes her time teasing and posing for the camera. Wearing nothing but her long, shiny red hair, I can’t wait to see a bit more of this sexy tranny and she does just that. She spreads her ass cheeks wide so I could see her ass hole wink and as if that’s not enough, she even makes sure to masturbate in it. Hop over to her official site to see more hot photos of Harley Quinn here!

Pretty Tranny Sexy Flapper Striptease Photos

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Everyone knows that shemale Bailey is my favorite tranny babe and these photos should give anyone a glimpse why. Bailey Jay could turn into anything and anyone – a sweet blonde cutie one moment and then this teasing siren the next. It’s difficult to keep up with the many tranny surprises this hottie has in store for her fans and I bet you’d agree that she is just perfect, from the roots of her hair down to her tippy toes. If it were up to me, she wouldn’t be alone in that shower and I would have her wet and soapy in a minute. Head over to her official site now to get instant access to more of her photos!

Tranny Bailey Jay – juicy shemale bride

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Here’s the shemale babe I myself, as well as any other admirer of perfectly feminine t-girls, would agree to marry without even a tiniest trace of doubt. Give it up for tranny Bailey Jay and her mind-blowing wedding outfit consisting of a veil and sexy white lingerie only. By the way, those undies are not going to stay on Bailey for too long – she will slide out of them gracefully baring her long meaty unit with no shame at all. CLICK HERE to see the full scene (available on video as well).

TS pornstar in the pink

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You want to see the hottest XXX transformation in the whole world? Go ahead and do it in this gallery! Typical girl-next-door fooling around in front of camera, posing in her cutie clothes and roller skates turns into… turns out to be… Bailey Jay TS pornstar! Yeah, there are a good deal of very special secrets hiding behind her dollish clothes – her perky little titties, her yummy little booty and her huge meaty cock! BTW, if you want to see it all on video as well, simply CLICK HERE!

Sweet Linetrap getting ready for promo shoot

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This video showing Bailey getting ready for promo shoot in a porn podcast is one I can watch over and over again for fuck-knows-how-long – she looks so adorable in it! Her sweet face, her girlish voice, her sexy lips… All that really gives me those goose bumps that no other shemale babe can give. Sure, this behind-the-scene kind of videos just rocks – hope you will be glad to hear that you can actually get quite a lot of them HERE at Linetrap’s site – together with way wilder ones, of course. 😉

Bailey Jay homemade photos – privately for you

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If you want to get even closer to Bailey Jay – as close as it’s only possible – this post is for you. Bailey Jay homemade photos – this is the kind of stuff you will hardly be able to get anywhere else. This hot tranny having fun in her place, taking cute yet sexy pics of herself and all that stuff… That’s the kind of content that will never leave you indifferent. You want to get even closer to Bailey and probably peep under her clothes? You shameless man! Well, that is possible to do HERE. 😉